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EICN Equipment User Agreement

Please note that the actual EICN user agreement may be slightly different from this version.

Welcome to the EICN facility! The purpose of the EICN is to provide easy access to modern electron microscopy (EM) equipment/technology. All EICN users have equal access to instruments, based on instrument availability. Service at EICN is limited by the availability of personnel. Please be aware that EM involves hazardous materials and delicate instruments. Users must understand that EM technology may present a health risk if used improperly. All users must be appropriately trained and must understand their responsibilities. Users are responsible for damage to equipment and for all financial charges associated with using EICN. Admittance to persons other than EICN registered users is strictly prohibited at the EICN facility at any time. The initial training/consultation/instruction for users is free. After the initial training, however, instrument use and services associated with sample preparation, assistance with the microscope/equipment, consultation or other special needs will be charged as per the EICN rate chart available by request. Special rules may apply for collaborative projects. All materials used will be charged to the user. All supplies, etc. provided by EICN are for use within EICN and for EICN users only. EMi proprietary supplies (grids, carbon film, etc.) used outside of EICN will be subject to a commercial rate. Users are welcome to use their own EM supplies at EICN at any time.