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Services Available


Training on Electron Microscopes or supporting instruments

An experienced staff will provide the necessary training(s) on an EM or other EICN instruments available. After training, a user will be authorized to independently reserve and operate the machine. Please see our list of equipments available here:

For training inquiries, email for more information.


Assistance on Electron Imaging

An EICN staff can assist users in acquiring high quality image data with an electron microscope and help users with their complex electron imaging needs.

Please email for more information.


Computer Processing

Skilled staff can assist you to process your single particle or tomography data. Users can take advantage of the software available to produce 3D reconstructions of their samples.

Please contact: Wong Hoi Hui, email:


Sample Preparation (e.g. embedding, sectioning, etc.)

Please contact the UCLA Brain Research Institute Electron Microscopy core facility or Sergey Ryazantsev,, for assistance. 


EM Tomography Services




Sub Stage



Stage 1


Basic sample evaluation



$175.00 per service



(Prepare 2 negative stain grids and use T12 EM to check if sample is of good quality enough to continue with tomography)



Cost includes T12 EM usage for 0.5 hours, 1 hour of assisted usage, 2 EM grids, and data collected

Stage 2

Basic tomography imaging*

Freeze sample

(if it is a cryo sample)


$95.00 per cryo sample


Cost includes plunger usage for 0.5 hour, 0.5 hours of assisted usage, grids and gold beads



(Use TF20 EM to collect tomography data)


Load sample and set up TF20 EM for imaging


$307.50 per session


Cost included TF20 EM usage for 1.5 hours and 1.5 hour of assisted usage




Batch tomography imaging


$157.50 per tilt series set


Cost includes TF20 EM usage for 1.5 hours and 0.25 hour assisted usage


Stage 3

Data processing**


(Align tilt series and reconstruct 3D volume using IMOD)




$250.00 per tilt series set


Cost includes 2 hours of assisted usage on a workstation computer & data storage



* Tilt step is 1 degree for negative stain samples and 2 degrees for cryo samples to avoid radiation damage


** Includes basic picture and video of reconstructed map from 3Dmod


Please email EICNHELP@CNSI.UCLA.EDU if you are interested.