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IMIRS (Image Management and Icosahedral Reconstruction System) is a program that streamlines 3D image reconstruction. Conventionally, images derived from EM have relied on text file data management and command-line programs to organize and process the information contained within them to form coherent 3D reconstructions. For a model that is reconstructed from a mere 150 particles, this methodology is sufficient, but in order to push the resolution barrier into atomic resolution, a more efficient, functional program is necessary to help alleviate the diminishing returns of the particle-to-resolution ratio. IMIRS consists of a complete set of modular programs for icosahedral reconstruction organized under a graphical user interface and provides options for user-friendly, step-by-step data processing as well as automatic reconstruction. We show that the integration of data management with processing in IMIRS automates the tedious tasks of data management, enables data coherence, and facilitates information sharing in a distributed computer and user environment without significantly increasing the time of program execution.


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