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Our lab uses state-of-the-art equipment. Please click on the instrument for further details. To use our instruments, please read the instructions here: EICN new users.  After users are trained, users can reserve the instrument for usage via our Equipment Scheduler. You can also take a look at the User Agreement.

Electron Microscopes

  Titan Krios

  • 80-300kV tunable, FEG
  • Cryo-autoloader sample stage (up to 12 grids/load)
  • Gatan image filter (GIF) with 4 mega pixel CCD for cryoET of cells
  • Double-tilt cryoET
  • Fully automated, high-throughput/high-resolution imaging solution in a BOX

  Titan TEM/STEM

  • 80-300kV tunable, FEG
  • 4 mega pixel CCD with ET capability
  • Resolution
    • Superior performance out of the box
    • Upgradable to state-of-the art with Cs correction
  • Analytic (elemental analysis) capability
  • Comes with EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray
  • Analysis)
  • no EELS yet

  TF20 TEM

  • 200kV, Field emission gun (FEG)
  • 16 mega pixel CCD
  • Computer-controlled cryoET
  • Liquid nitrogen stage
  • Ideal for single particle cryoEM reconstruction
  • Quick turn around and reliable

  T12 TEM

  • 20-120 kV
  • LaB6 gun
  • Computer-controlled compustage
  • +/- 80o tilt single tilt,
  • Gatan 626 cryo specimen holder, Gatan tilt-rotate holder for conical tomography
  • Gatan 4 mega pixel CCD (2k by 2k)
  • Point-point resolution: 0.34 nm; Line resolution: 0.2 nm

  T20 iCorr

  • 200kV max HT (40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 160 kV available)
  • LaB6 filament
  • TWIN PP Objective Lens
  • Cs = 2mm
  • Computer-controlled compustage
  • Eagle 2K HS CCD Camera
  • AMT XR41 CCD Camera
  • Single Tilt Holder
  • Tomography Holder
  • Gatan 626 Cryo Holder

  ZEISS Supra 40VP SEM

  • Superb resolution and image quality at low operating voltages
  • Wide operating voltage range with minimal adjustments required
  • Short working distance of 8.5 mm for simultaneous high resolution imaging and X-ray analysis
  • High probe current (up to 20 nA) and high stability better than 0.2 %/h for analytical applications
  • High efficiency In-lens detector for clear topographic imaging in high vacuum mode
  • Enhanced VPSE detector in VP mode
  • Easy operation through Windows based SmartSEMTM control software
  • Dry Noran System Six EDS for elemental analysis


  • 40-120 kV
  • W-filament
  • +/- 25o tilt, non-computerized
  • 2-grid holder
  • Cs=1.9
  • Wide angle (top mount) BioScan 600W 1x1K digital camera (Gatan)
  • Digital Micrograph acquisition software (Gatan).

Supporting Instruments

  Denton Vacuum

  • Self-contained 60 lps turbo molecular pump
  • Self-contained two-sage mechanical pump
  • Pneumatically actuated high vacuum valve
  • Integral LN2 cold trap
  • Tilting and rotating stage

  The Vitrobot

  • Fully PC-controlled
  • Self-contained system that includes sample application, blotting, and rapid cooling into ethane.

  UCT Ultramicrotome (Leica)

  • automatic feed in 1nm increments from 1 to 100 nm
  • variable cutting speed can be finitely controlled from 0.05 to 100 mm per second
  • knife holder: glass or diamond knives; rotation +/-30°; tilt 1-15°
  • sample: 360°, +/-25° tilt
  • Illumination: Bright/dark field, sample backlight.

  UC6 cryo-Ultramicrotome

  • Touch Screen with displayed hints for quick familiar operation
  • Brightness controlled LED illumination
  • Ergonomic design for left- and right-handed users provides fatigue-free operation
  • Eucentric movement of the stereomicroscope offers optimized positioning for approach with glass and diamond knives
  • Eucentric movement of the stereomicroscope for section observation at low water levels and cryosectioning
  • Fully motorized knife stage - the prerequisite for the E-W Measuring-System and Autotrim Function
  • -15° to -185°C cryo operation
  • frost-free design
  • incredible thermal stability - continuous sectioning in all temperature ranges.

  LKB 7800 Knifemaker

  • produces 45° glass knives from 6.4, 8 and 10 mm thick glass utilizing the balanced-break method

  Leica EM PACT2 with EM RTS High pressure freezer with rapid transfer system

  • Freezing of specimens, up to 200 μm in thickness and 1.5 mm in diameter without ice crystal damage
  • High cooling rates by strong jet of LN2
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Compact and mobile
  • Automatic bake-out cycle
  • Internal memory with download on USB
  • Dewar with drain
  • Low LN2 consumption
  • Low noise
  • Suitable for correlative LM/EM

  Leica AFS2 Freeze substitution and low temperature embedding for light and electron microscopy

  • –140°C to +70°C working range
  • Transfer function
  • Fast LED UV polymerization
  • Intuitive programming with USB port
  • Stereomicroscope
  • Fume exhaust system
  • Mouse-controlled color screen
  • Deep freeze to –140°C
  • Mobile with clamping wheels

  South Bay Technology Ion Beam Sputtering / Etching System  

The Model IBS/e is a high vacuum thin film deposition system designed to precisely deposit subnanometer grain, conductive coatings onto specimens prior to examination in the electron microscope. Thin, conductive films are deposited onto specimens to prevent charging effects and to enhance contrast. Films are deposited using two ion beam sources directed at a target material, eliminating radiation or heating effects common with other coating techniques. Extremely thin, continuous metal or carbon films are deposited without risking damage to delicate features present on the specimen. Virtually any target material can be used for ion beam deposition with precise control over the deposition thickness. An optional third ion source allows specialized ion beam etching techniques to be employed. The ability to deposit amorphous, continuous films makes the IBS/e system ideal for high resolution electron microscopy techniques.

  Tousimis Autosamdri-810 Critical Point Dryer  

The Tousimis Autosamdry-810 is a critical Point Drying apparatus mainly used for dehydration of biological samples in Electron Microscopy. It could be operated either manually or in automated mode.