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Titan Krios Operation

The Titan Krios transmission electron microscope is open for usage for all internal and external users.  Please email us if you are interested at EICNHELP@CNSI.UCLA.EDU.
Typical Operation of Titan Krios for first timers includes 3-4 hours of assisted usage (academic rate $125/hour, industry rate: $250/hour), in addition to the Titan Krios hourly rate. Please see here for our current recharge rates:
Assisted usage includes
·         Approximately 1 hour to load your sample*
·         Approximately 1-2 hours to set up the microscope including alignment and mapping
·         Approximately 1 hour to set up the Leginon system and other software (single particle or batch tomography).
·         If necessary, additional hours to train the user on the system.  This is based on the user’s experience and familiarity with the system.
·         When the Titan Krios is ready, you can start collecting images and processing your data on your own.
*Remember to bring your prepared samples on grids to our lab or ship them here prior to your arrival.  Email us at EICNHELP@CNSI.UCLA.EDU for the address.
Supplies provided by EICN will be charged at cost. (Carbon Film Grids: $5/each, Quantifoil Grids: $15 each, Auto Grids: $30 each, etc.)
For assistance in tomography data processing, please contact Wong Hoi Hui at