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Titan Krios

This new cryo-electron microscope will be installed in the EICN core facility located on the B level of the new CNSI building and will be an integral part of the advanced electron imaging capability at UCLA. Detail information and specification of this instrument will be provided in the near future. The following text is an excerpt from FEI's literature on their Titan line.

The FEI Titan™ family currently offers the Titan 80-300 kV instruments, the world's most powerful, commercially-available transmission electron microscope (TEM). Since its release in 2005, the Titan has been widely acclaimed both for its ability to deliver ground-breaking results and for its superior product design. It has rapidly become the preferred S/TEM of leading researchers around the world, enabling discovery and exploration down to sub-Ångström resolution in both TEM and S/TEM modes. Titan Family Advantages and Capabilities Performing at the 32 nm node, FEI's Titan 80-300 kv transmission electron microscope images nanostructures with the highest level of detail available today—down to the sub-Ångström level, providing critical data for process development and materials research on a highly stable, easy-to-use platform. Titan is the next generation of a unique 80-300 kV range microscope for corrector and monochromator technologies. The stability, performance and ease-of-use of the Titan transmission electron microscope enable corrected microscopy to be taken to the next level, where new discoveries on the structure and property relationships of materials become possible at ever-decreasing scales. The Titan system is poised to bring electron microscopy into a new era by expanding boundaries and assisting scientists and researchers to achieve ground-breaking results in nanoresearch. Awards Since its launch in 2005, the Titan transmission electron microscope has won four awards for its design, performance and innovation:

  1. Innovative Product of the Year presented by the Oregon Tech Awards in the United States
  2. 2005 iF Product Design Award
  3. Top Products of 2005 by Technology Magazine
  4. Greatest Hits of 2005 by Micro Magazine

Titan Krios Operation

See photographs of the Titan Krios buildup.